The Construction of Body Image Scale in Early Adult Women


  • Prayogo Agus Kuncoro
  • Savara Salsabila
  • Elysa Diana Puspitasari
  • Annisa Rahmawati
  • Dewi Agus Cahyani
  • Fredirikus Bayu Kurniawan
  • Aftina Nurul Husna


The purpose of this research is to develop the right instrument to measure body image.
Body image is a picture held in the mind of an individual about the size, shape, and
individual feelings about the characteristics and body parts that make up the individual.
In McCabe's theory, there are five dimensions/aspects of body image: Body Image
Importance, Body Concealment, Body Improvement, Social Physicue Anxiety, Appearance
Comparison. The participants involved in the scale trial that the researchers conducted
were 60 participants. Data was collected through an online survey. The sampling
technique used was non-random sampling with Snowball-Sampling. Psychometric test
results show that, the value of Cronbach's Alpha which shows the number 0.909 out of 20
items, which means this measuring instrument has good reliability. Correlation Item-Total
Statistics shows the correlation between one item and another item is more than 0.30.




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Kuncoro, P. A., Salsabila, S., Puspitasari, E. D., Rahmawati, A., Cahyani, D. A., Kurniawan, F. B., & Husna, A. N. (2021). The Construction of Body Image Scale in Early Adult Women. Prosiding University Research Colloquium, 109–118. Retrieved from