Pelatihan Kepemimpinan Bidang Ketrampilan Public Speaking dan Penyusunan Program Kerja Kebidelan Seminari Palembang T.A. 2017/2018


  • Catharina Clara Unika Musi Charitas
  • Anselmus Inharjanto Unika Musi Charitas
  • Paskalina Widiastuti Ratnaningsih Unika Musi Charitas
  • Ega Leovani Unika Musi Charitas
  • Ira Irzawati Unika Musi Charitas


leadership, self-management, public speaking, student organization, work programme


Student organization is part of the formation at St. Paul’s Minor
Seminary in Palembang, South Sumatra. Seminary’s new student
organization committee has been assigned with various tasks related to
the vision of 4Ss (i.e. Sanctitas or Sanctity, Sanitas or Health, Scientia
or Science, and Socialitas or Communal Life). The aim of this
leadership training of public speaking skills and work programme
planning for internal student organization of St. Paul Minor Seminary,
Palembang in academic year 2017/2018 is to increase leadership
ability of Seminary students (or seminarians) especially in selfmanagement
and as internal student organisation committee both
public speaking and work programme planning. The methods used
were lecture and group practice. This activity was conducted in two
days. The first day activities were discussing basic leadership
management and public speaking continued with group practice. The
second day activity was introduction to work program planning
continued with real practice in groups. The analysis result of
questionnaire reveals that the respondents’ opinions dealing with
training activities in leadership, self-management, public speaking,
and work programme planning demonstrate that the average score is
in the agree and strongly agree scales. This fact indicates that the
activity is beneficial for the seminarians. It facilitates the seminarians
to improve their abilities related to leadership, public speaking and
work programme planning.


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