A Description Of Students E-Learning Satisfaction During Covid-19 Pandemic On University Muhammadiyah Gombong

  • Puput Sulistiowati Universitas Muhammadiyah Gombong
  • Ery Purwanti Universitas Muhammadiyah Gombong
  • Yuli Susilowati Universitas Muhammadiyah Gombong
Keywords: students’ satisfaction; e-learning; COVID-19 pandemic


Background: During the Pandemic Period, the policies of the Central Government and
the Kebumen Regency Government make learning process on University
Muhammadiyah Gombong have to be conducted online from home. The learning process
can be accessed by Zoom, Google Meeting, Google Classroom, and Whatsapp Groups
media. Students felt something problems during electronic learning where students
were not understanding, especially clinical skills laboratory. This case makes the
students unsatisfied. Purpose: To describe students’ satisfaction on e-learning process
during COVID- 19 pandemic on University Muhammadiyah Gombong. Method: This
research was a descriptive quantitative method. Research samples were of eighty-nine
students of the bachelor and diploma nursing program of University Muhammadiyah
Gombong. They were recruited by proportionate random sampling. Result: The most of
respondents’ ages were twenty years old, thirty respondents (33.7%). Seventy-eight of
respondents were female (87.6%), and twenty-six respondents were the first year.
Conclusion: Fifty-four students were satisfied enough category (60.7%) against the e-
learning process