Pengaruh Pemberian Stretching Lower Extrimity Dan Core Stability Terhadap Keseimbangan Dinamis Pemain Basket Ukm Ums

  • Wijianto Wijianto Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta
  • Suci Indah Ramadhani Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta
Keywords: stretching, core stability, balance


Components of physical conditions namely speed, strength, endurance, flexibility,
strength, coordination, balance, and agility in improving basketball player performance.
one of them is the relationship between ability to balance and the risk of sports injury
has been determined in many cases, but the relationship between ability and balance
between athletics is less clear. There is limited data on skills training in elite athletic
motor training. Training on the balance between endurance training, this finding
endurance training produces superior results for high jump and run time. The
importance of balance for the basketball player itself reduces injury and improves
performance during matches. Determine the effect of giving low stretches and core
stability on dynamic equilibrium. paired test results t sample test in the consent group
obtained an average result in pair 1 namely 2.35824 with a significant value of 0.000
where p <0.05 then Ha was accepted and pair 2 was 1.67059 with a significance value of
0.005 while the value of p <0.05 then Ha can be accepted which stretches the lower
extrimity and core stability needed to increase dynamic balance. Supporting the
stretching of lower severity and core stability can improve the dynamic balance of the
basket player.