Management In Prospering The Mosque Case Study At Alfurqon Mosque Karangjati Kemranjen Banyumas Central Java

  • Sumin Abdussalam


Mosques are the best places on earth. The mosque where the servants prostrate to Allah
SWT. They pray, dhikr and do other worship.
Good management is needed to carry out its functions properly. There are three main
pillars in the management needed to prosper a mosque. They are making the mosque a
center for Islamic and community activities; place of education and study, community
information center; and the place of collection and distribution of zakat, infaq, and
shadaqoh. In addition to management, no less important is human resources (HR). Thus
we need cadres, cadres are the main assets that must be considered because they are the
ones who will continue the Islamic struggle in the future. Al Furqon Mosque Karangjati
Kemranjen Banyumas since the change of the mosque administrator in 2016 has begun to
make improvements by learning to improve the management of how to prosper mosque,
starting from mapping the area, collecting data on congregations, then making innovative
programs. The service program as one of the programs at the Al Furqon Karangjati
Mosque, Kemranjen Banyumas is the Fajr Bank program, that is collecting infaq at the
time of Fajr prayer then allocate the infaq as soft loans ( primarily for them who are Fajr
congregation), financial support for when they are sick, providing free ambulance services
and then financing and arranging the funeral and burial for the deceased concregations or
their relatives.
With service improvement and good quality programs, the number of congregations
praying five times a day and assemblies ta'lim increases.