Development Of Literacy In Al Iman Islamic Elementary School

  • Eko Prasetyo Nurbudi Wiranto


This research aims to find out the development of literacy in elementary school students,
especially in Integrated Islamic Elementary School Al Iman Magelang in the even
semester of the 2020/2021 school year. The approach in this study is qualitative research
with descriptive methods, while the data retrieval process uses interview and observation
techniques. The subjects of the study were principals, students, teachers, and school
library officers. Data analysis is done by reducing the data that has been collected. Data is
processed by taking a qualitative approach to answering research questions. Based on
research that has been done, the development of children's literacy at Al Iman Magelang
Integrated Islamic Elementary School is managed by the library in collaboration with
classroom teachers, extras and parents. Literacy development is carried out during the
learning process and supported by extracurricular activities. The activities carried out to
support literacy include reading 15 minutes before learning, retelling readings that have
been read at home, reading corners in the classroom, literacy competitions, visits to
regional libraries and so on. Special attention is given to students who are low in literacy
skills by providing opportunities to represent the classroom in the literacy race, this is
done so that confidence in children can be grown.