The Impact of Mobile Legends Games on Student Learning Motivation: The Role of Parents and Teachers

  • Sri Rochmayanti


The advancement of technology is accelerating. Beginning with telecommunications
technology, the internet, and intelligent computer-based technology. Until the first cell
phones were used to fulfill communication needs, cellphones could only be used to do a few
things, such as easily finding any information all over the world, playing online games
from anywhere, and so on. Mobile Legends games are extremely popular. Not only do
teenage boys enjoy playing these online games, but so do many girls. The goal of this study
was to determine the impact of Mobile Legends game addiction on students' learning
motivation, as well as the role of parents and teachers. This is a type of library research.
The data used in the study was analyzed using data reduction, data display, and drawing
conclusions. Reading and recording important information contained in various journals
related to the research being conducted are data collection techniques. It is expected that
the results of this study can be used as insights, references, and basic and consideration
for future researchers in order to become other research areas whose topics are relevant to
this study.