Meningkatkan Minat Baca Kelas 1 SDN Trasan 4 Menggunakan Model Pembelajaran Picture and Picture

  • Attalla Cikha Insira


This study aims to improve students' interest in reading in elementary school grade 1 at
SDN Trasan 4 through a learning model. Involving students directly with a total of 10
students consisting of 6 male students and 4 female students. The research method used
is Classroom Action Research (CAR) which consists of three cycles where each cycle has
stages of planning, action, observation, and reflection. This research consisted of 3 cycles
and went through 4 stages, namely, planning, implementation, observation, and reflection.
Efforts to increase the reading interest of elementary school students are a shared
responsibility, between the students themselves, teachers and parents. The study showed
an increase in students' reading ability in grade 1 students at SDN Trasan 4 after the
implementation of the Picture and Picture learning model with the average score of
students in the first cycle reaching 70.71 with 65.28% completeness and the average score
in the second cycle increasing. by reaching 80.00 with a completeness of 89.25%, then in
the third cycle it increased with an average value of 95.00 with a completeness of 97.15%.
Based on the evaluation results in each lesson, the reading ability of grade 1 students at
SDN Trasan 4 has increased with the Picture and Picture learning model.