Pengaruh Model Pembelajaran Means Ends Analysis (MEA) Terhadap Hasil Belajar Ips

  • Fifin Anis Astutik


This study to determine the effect to the Means Ends Analysis (MEA) learning model on
social studies learning outocomes for IV grade students of Mamba’ul Hisan Elementary
School, Magelang.This study uses a pre-experimental design research (nondesigns), whit
a one-grup pretst-posstest research design. Research subjects were selected by saturated
sampling. Samples were teken as many as 15 students. The metodh of data collection is
done by test. Validity test using product moment assistes by SPSS Statistic for windows
25.0, reliability test using Cronbach’s alpha formula, difficulty index and discriminating
power test using SPSS Statistic for windows 25.0. The analysis prerequisite test consists
of normality test using the help of SPSS Statistic for windows 24.0. Data analysis used
non-parametrik statistical techniques, namely the Wilcoxon Test/ Z Test assisted by IBM
Statistic for windows SPSS 24.0 program.The results showed that the Means Ends
Analysis learning model had a positive effect on social studies learning outocomes. This is
deevidenced from the results of the Wilcoxon test analysis with Z count -3.449 with a sig
value (2-tiled) 0.0001 < 0,05. Based on the result of the analysis and discussion, there are
differences in the average score of the pretest results of 52,93 and the average posttest
results of 76,20. The results of this study can be concluded that the use of the Means Ends
Analysis (MEA) model has a positive effect on social studies learning outocomes.