Peningkatan Motivasi belajar IPA Menggunakan Pendekatan Saintifik pada siswa kelas IV SD IT AN-NUR

  • Farah Zhafiroh Nuradi


This study aims to increase motivation and science learning outcomes by applying a
scientific model with the research subjects of fourth grade students at SD IT AN-NUR,
Sawangan District, Magelang Regency. The research method used is CAR (classroom
action research). The procedure in this study consisted of four stages, namely the
planning stage, the implementation stage, the observation stage and the reflection
stage. Data were taken through observation techniques, and questionnaires. The data
were analyzed by means of descriptive qualitative and descriptive quantitative. In the
first cycle got an average of 65.71. In the second cycle get an average of 79.04. Based on
this, it can be concluded that the scientific model can increase learning motivation, thus
the scientific model can be used as an alternative to problems regarding learning