Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Pada Siswa Kelas II SDIT Ar Risalah Secang Melalui Classroom Reading Program

  • Tibta Ilmiahwati,


The study aims to determine the increase in learning outcomes from the
implementation of the classroom reading program. The approuch used in this a
qualittative approach with the type of classroom actionresearch. Research location at SDIT
Ar Risalah Secang with the subjectof class II student who do not amount to 20 siswa. Data
collection techniques used are tests and observations. Based on the result of the analysis,
it can be concluded that the improvement of learning outcomes using the classroom reading
program in thematic learning in grade II students og SDIT Ar Risalah Secang.
The author wishes to try to increase interest in readingg and learning outcomes
throught action by implementing the classroom reading program.. The step of the
classroom reading peogram are,1) holding a class library by involving children in managing
the books in the library,2) using reading books as additional references in the learning
process, 3) creating creative reading activities to produce what student have read.
Clasically reading interest and learning outcomes increased from the initial conditions, the
first activity, and the second activity, respectively by 30%,68%,and 75%. Clasically an
increase in reading interest and student learning outcomes is achieved.