Pengaruh Bimbingan Klasikal Dengan Teknik Symbolic Modeling Untuk Meningkatkan Motivasi Belajar Siswa

  • Resnandhi Arhab Maramis


This study aims to examine the effect of classical guidance with symbolic
modeling techniques to increase students' learning motivation. This research was
conducted to find the data needed to find out the increase in students' learning motivation
at school, so this research is a very important step.
This study uses an experimental research method, namely Pre-experimental
design, the research design used is a onegroup pretest-posttest design. The research
sample was taken by random sampling with a total of 24 students. Collecting data using
observation, interviews and questionnaires. The instrument validity test was carried out
by experts and tested statistically with the help of the SPSS 25.0 application program as
well as the reliability test. As for the data analysis technique using parametric statistics,
namely the Wilcoxonsigned rank test with the SPSS 25.0 application program.
The results showed that classical guidance with symbolic modeling techniques
had an effect on increasing students' learning motivation. This is evidenced from the
results of the Wilcoxon test analysis by showing the value of Sig. of 0.001 and smaller than
the 0.05 significance level. So it can be concluded that classical guidance with the use of
symbolic modeling techniques can increase student learning motivation.