Optimalisasi Pemanfaatan Platform Pembelajaran untuk Meningkatkan Pengelolaan Kelas yang Baik Dimasa Pandemi

  • Siti Fatimah


This study aims to see the extent of the use of learning platforms and the impact of using
various learning platforms. The research method used a survey method with the subject
being the teacher of SD Negeri Purwosari, Secang District. Based on the results of the
study, the use of the learning platform is still not optimal and causes several obstacles
during online learning. These obstacles come from both teachers, parents and students.
Teachers who lack innovation and only use the Whatsapp and Youtube platforms, students
who have difficulty understanding the material, teachers who have difficulty evaluating
or assessing learning, and parents who complain a lot about online learning. Based on the
research results, optimizing the use of online learning platforms is able to improve good
classroom management during the pandemic.