Improving Gross Motor Ability Through Circuit Games For Children Group B

  • Khilati Adrikni


This study aims to determine the improvement of gross motor skills through circuit
games for children aged group B in RA P2A Salaman. This type of research is classroom
action research that uses 2 cycles with stages including planning, implementation,
observation and reflection stages. The research subjects were students of group B in RA
P2A Salaman, totaling 16 children consisting of 9 girls and 7 boys. The data collection
method uses non-test in the form of observation. Based on the results of the research and
discussion, it can be concluded that the gross motor skills of child B in RA P2A Salaman
can be improved through circuit games. The increase that occurs can be seen from the
research stage, namely observations made during pre-action, implementation of actions
in cycle I and cycle II. This is indicated by the results achieved by the subject from the
initial conditions or before the gross motor ability action was carried out in the low
category. Group B in RA P2A Salaman experienced an increase in gross motor skills from
pre-cycle by 4.93%, increased in cycle I to 9.8% and increased to 12.8% in cycle II. From
these results it can be seen that the gross motor skills of children have reached the
success criteria expected by researchers.