The Use Of Games In Teaching Vocabulary In Young Learners

  • Fairuz Dewi Raihan


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the possibilities of improving the English vocabulary
mastery for young learners through the use of games. Several approaches and methods
can be used to teach English vocabulary to young learners. The method we use to collect
information in making this journal is review articles, we use the journal as a reference.
One good way to learn vocabulary is to use real objects that children can visualize later.
They need to pay attention to learning to use words and repeating them too. The other
method is the direct method where there is no translation and the use of the mother tongue
is prohibited. The games used by the teacher to teach words to young learners are hot
potato game, memory challenge, last one standing, pictionary, bingo. From the application
of the game, young learners can quickly and easily increase their English vocabulary.