The Implementation of Character Management Through Habit At SDIT Nurul Huda Purbalingga

  • Dirsan Dirsan


The cause of low character is the education system that emphasizes intellectual
development rather than character development. Efforts in character education for
students are by inculcating character through habituation. This study aims to describe and
critically analyze the Cultivation of Character Through Habituation at SDIT Nurul Huda
Purbalingga. This type of research is field research or field research where researchers go
directly to the field to obtain data and information related to the research conducted. The
activities carried out were time discipline, practicing 3S and kissing the teacher's hand
when the child shook hands with the teacher, morning tahsinul qiro'ah, dhuha prayer,
praying in congregation, asking permission, eating according to etiquette, not eating
snacks outside school, and other. The implementation of character planting through
habituation is carried out through 3 stages, namely the stage of knowledge (knowing),
implementation (acting), and habituation (habit). The creation of a conducive atmosphere
and adequate facilities also support the process of implementing character through routine