Improving English Vocabulary for Elementary School Students using Total Physical Response (TPR) Method

  • Della Hegian Salsabila


The purpose of this study was to determine the increase in English Vocabulary of
Elementary School Students Using the Total Physical Response (TPR) Method. In this
study, researchers using a quantitative approach with a quasi-experimental design for
doing a way to compare groups. There are three techniques in data collection includes:
observation, pre-test and posttest. After collecting data, researchers analyze, describe and
finally conclude. Data will be analyzed using statistical analysis as follows with calculate
the mean score of the pre-test and post-test to find out whether there is a significant
difference in control and experimental groups. From this statement, it can be concluded
that the TPar method will affect student learning outcomes. Therefore, it is time for
teachers, schools, and related parties to use the TPR method to improve the quality of