The Role of Parents in Appliying Discipline to Children in A Pandemic Period

  • Irena Dara Melfia


In this era of the COVID-19 pandemic, children are learning online. Therefore, all children
activities are also carried out at home, so parents certainly have a big role in studentactivitiesat
home,oneofwhichisdiscipline.Disciplineis anaspectthat mustbe instilled in children from an
early age so that later they can get used to ituntil adulthood.Withoutdiscipline,thechildwill
become someone who has no direction and purpose. Therefore, discipline is very important to be
instilled. In this study,the subjects usedwere parentsand children.The purpose ofthis research is
to findoutthe role of parentsinapplyingdisciplinetochildren.Thedatacollectionmethodusedisin
theform of a literature study. Therefore, data is obtained about the role of parents in applying
discipline to children inthe pandemic era.