Manajemen Kurikulum Muatan Lokal Berbasis Religius Sebagai Upaya Membentuk Karakter Islami Siswa

  • Nurhayati Iin


Management is a process of planning, implementation and evaluation compiled by a group
or individual in order to achieve a common goal. Religious-based local content curriculum
is curricular and extracurricular activities to develop competencies that are tailored to the
characteristics and potential of the region, including regional advantages, whose material
cannot be grouped into existing subjects. This type of research is qualitative, namely
research that intends to understand the phenomenon of what is experienced by the
research subject such as behavior, perception, motivation, action, presented by way of
description in the form of words and language, in a special context that is natural and by
utilizing various scientific methods. Data collection techniques in this study are by
conducting observations, interviews and field notes.The steps in analyzing the data are
data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. The results of this study
indicate that the religious-based local content curriculum has an effect on the character
and development of students.