The Role of Parents in Shaping Children's Character during Online Learning during the Pandemic Period at MI Muhammadiyah Butuh 2

  • Lailatul Mufida
  • Imron Imron


This study aims to find out how big the role of parents in shaping the character or
personality of children when they study at home during this pandemic. The pandemic that
has occurred in Indonesia has been going on for more than a year. This is certainly a
challenge for parents who have children at school age. Children will interact more often
with their families when they ask their parents for help when doing their schoolwork.
When they interact, namely between parents and children, parents must be ready to face
challenges. The challenge is how they instill the morals of children towards their parents,
when they interact in learning because usually children will underestimate their parents
more than their teachers when they study. Most parents think that learning with their
parents is certainly more difficult than with the teacher, of course, in terms of character
building. If with the teacher the child will tend to be more obedient, more respectful, more
appreciative, etc. The research method chosen is a qualitative method. Data collection
techniques used in the form of observations and interviews with a number of parents who
have children at school age. The results of the study show that the attitude of children
when they study with their parents is very concerning. There are still many who often
show disrespectful attitudes when studying with their parents. This is acknowledged by
some parents who sometimes often fight with their children when they study at home.
Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the influence of parents in
instilling children's character during a pandemic is very large. As a parent, you should be
more assertive when the child has done things that are not in accordance with his
character. In this case the cultivation of children's character should also be monitored and
supervised by the teacher.