Improving the Learning Outcomes of Class IV Students of SDN 1 Kleteran Using the Snowball Throwing Learning Model

  • Natri Aulianingsih
  • Astri Yulianti
  • Kun Hisnan Hajro


The purpose of this research was to improve students' ability to ask questions by applying
the Snowball Throwing learning model. The research method used was Classroom Action
Research (CAR) which consists of two cycles where each cycle has stages of planning,
action, observation and reflection. Based on the results of observations and tests, in the
first cycle there was an increase. The highest score after treatment in cycle 1 was 80 and
the lowest score was 70 with an average of 75.7. while the highest initial data was 80, the
lowest value is 68 and the average is 73.3. while more significant results were found in the
second cycle, namely the highest score of students was 86, the lowest score was 78, and the
average was 81.9. So it can be concluded that the Snowball Throwing learning model can
increase students' interest in asking.