Increasing the Reading Interest of Elementary School Students

  • Vindi Septianingrum
  • Agrissto Bintang Aji Pradana
  • Anisa Vigitm


Reading has an important social role in human life. Reading is not only a necessity for
students, but also the needs of everyone. Through reading, knowledge can be obtained. In
essence, reading is a bridge to understanding how big the world is. However, in the 21st
century, it is not the ability to read students, but the lack of interest in reading, be it
textbooks or other books. This is due to the students' lack of understanding of the texts
they read, lack of vocabulary mastery including not understanding how to read well in
accordance with the objectives to be achieved. This article aims to identify ways to increase
elementary students' reading interest. The benefits of this article are knowing the
importance of increasing reading interest, understanding the functions and benefits of
reading, as well as the factors that hinder students' reading interest, along with the role
of parents, teachers, librarians, and the government.