Improving Children's English Vocabulary Mastery Through The TGT Learning Model And Vocabulary Cards

  • Halimah Khoirun Ni’mah Rais
  • Umi Rachmawati


Learning the language is very important, including learning English. However, based on
research conducted by EF World Institute of Education English First announced the first
comprehensive report, the on index English proficiency index in 44 English proficiency
countries in Indonesia is very low in the 34th place. One of the biggest factors in English
learning is that students need vocabulary mastery. In learning English in elementary
school the understanding of English vocabulary is still difficult because teachers deliver
learning only by lecture methods, let alone the use of very minimal media, so because of
that method teaching and learning process makes the students feel boring because it
feels monotonous. One way to make English learning effective is to use a learning model
that can provide meaning and fun for students. Team Game Tournament learning model
based on Vocabulary Card Media is expected to make students active and excited so that
students can easily understand the material studied.