Strategi Pengelolaan Kelas di SDN Gondangrejo

  • Mulati Ningsih
  • Sukma Wijayanto


This study aims to explore teacher attitudes in maximizing class potential; class
management inhibiting factors; teacher's efforts in overcoming classroom management
problems; and classroom management strategies. This case study was conducted at SDN
Gondangrejo, and used a qualitative approach. The data from this study were obtained
through interviews and observations regarding classroom management. The results of
this study indicate that in classroom management the teacher functions as a counselor,
facilitator, motivator, demonstrator, and evaluator. Therefore, teachers are able to

analyze problems surrounding students, teachers, as well as the physical and socio-
emotional environment in the classroom. Regarding this, teachers try to apply preventive

and corrective. Teachers tend to use an eclectic approach, namely applying two or more
approaches at the same time. Thus, it is hoped that the eclectic approach can assist
teachers in improving the quality of choosing an approach that allows them to overcome
problems regarding classroom management