Application of elementary school character education during the pandemic

  • Intan Fida Widyaningrum
  • Nur Alma Firoh
  • Syakirotul Lian Umillah


Character education is an effort to build character, supporting the social,
emotional and ethical development of students assisted by parents,
teachers, and communities that are essential in the development and
development of character learners. Character education is still a topic of
interest to this day. Education that must make the young generation
intelligent and moral, is still, in fact, going to have to keep on striving to
make it happen. In times of the current pandemic, the potential for children
must be consistently polished and well socialized in order for every child's
character to form and fully develop. Learning is nowadays done online,
requiring children to use digital media. Digital media not only has a positive
impact but also a negative impact that is a duty to educators, parents and
communities in guiding and monitoring the child's digital media as best
they can and thus benefiting themselves and their lives.