Pengelolaan Kelas dalam Meningkatkan Motivasi Belajar Siswa di SD Negeri Dawung, Tegalrejo, Magelang, Jawa Tengah

  • Sulastri Sulastri


This study was used to determine the real situation of classroom management at SD Negeri
Dawung, Tegalrejo, Magelang. The method used by the author in this study is a qualitative
method. Data collection techniques aree interviewers, observation and documentation.
Includes classroom management in the form of physical, including classrooms, table and
chair arrangements, furniture and other learning tools and non physical related to
students. Therefore educators have the main responsibility in schools, teachers are directly
involved in learning activities at the school, teachers have the task of shaping the character
of students in schools, helping students develop their talents and interests, and improving
the quality of education in order to increase students motivation. Creative skilla in learning
activities during teaching and learning activities take place one way is by classroom