Meningkatkan Motivasi Belajar Siswa Kelas V SD Muhammadiyah Integratif Dukun Pada Proses Pembelajaran Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan dengan Metode Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Jigsaw

  • Devita Indah Puspitasari
  • Farid Syahrul Azhar
  • Intan Aminatul Khasanah
  • Kun Hisnan Hajron


The purpose of this study was to determine the learning motivation of the SD
Muhammadiyah Integrative Shaman in grade 4. This study used a collaborative classroom
action research method, where the researcher acted as the executor of the action and the
teacher acted to observe the process of the action. This classroom action research aims to
increase the learning motivation of fifth grade students of SD Muhammadiyah Integratif
Dukun. That in cycle 1 out of 10 fifth grade students in cycle 1 only 4 students or 40% meet
the KKM and overall from 4 students the average score obtained of 76.25. In cycle 2
generally categorized as GOOD (in descriptive scale) as many as 1 student or 8.0% Strongly
Agree, then there are 9 students or 92.00% who are categorized Agree. The increase in
student learning motivation based on this is optimal because students who get scores below
the Minimum Completeness Criteria (KKM) of 72 are no longer available and students
who are above KKM 100% mean that Cycle 2 learning is successful or COMPLETE.