Effectiveness Of Dakon Media In Improving Numeracy Skills In Lower Grade Elementary School Students

  • Pinasti Pinahayu
  • Ahmad Singgih Prayogo


The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the use of dakon media
in improving numeracy skills in lower grade elementary school students. This
research uses pre-experimental research method with one group pretest and posttest
research design design. The subjects of this study were as many as 10 grade 1
elementary school students consisting of various schools. The research is divided into
two cycles, namely before and after being given special treatment. The mean test
result before treatment is 41 and the posttest test result gets 79 which results in
the mean difference between pretest and posttest which is 38. Where there is a
mean increase from the pretestt to the posttest. From the results of the study
students showed an increase of pretest which only showed that as many as 90% of
students were incomplete and only 10% of students completed. The student
learning results in the posttest test showed an increase of 20% of students were
incomplete and 80% of students completed.