The Effect Of Course Review Horray Learning Assisted By Human Apron Media On Science Learning Outcomes

  • Fadilah Hasti Cahyaningtyas
  • Ari Suryawan
  • Dhuta Sukmarani


This study to determine the effect of the effect of Course Review Horray learning
assisted by human apron media on science learning oitcomes research on 5th elementary
grade students in kradenan village. This type of pre-experimental research with the design
of one group protest posts.
Course Review Horray learning with human aprons media on science learning
outcomes in fiifth grade elementary school students in Kradenan village totaling 18
students.The data collection method used in this research is using the pretest and posttest
test methods in the form of multiple choice questions. The sampling technique used total
sampling. Data was collected through wal pretest posttest and than analyzed using un
Wilcoxon in the SPSS 25.00 program for windows.
The results showed that the learning Course Review Horray assisted by human the
mecermatusia apron media had an effect on the learning outcomes of natural science. This
is evidenced from the results of the analysis of the Wilcoxon signed rank test test with the
Asymp value. Sig. (2-tailed) is 0,000 <0.05 and Z score is -3,728. Based on the result of the
analysis and discussion, there is a difference in the average score pretest and posttest,
namely the results pretest 54,97 and posttest 78,96, both of which have a difference of 20%.
The results of the study can be concluded that learning Course Review Horray assisted by
human apron media has an effect on learning outcomes of natural science learning in 5th
grade students of Kradenan Village, Srumbung District, Magelang Regency.