Students Strategies In English Vocabulary Learning

  • Yunia Dwi Ningtyas
  • Calista Dyah Octavia
  • Rizka Anis Fuadillah


The vocabulary is an important elemen in English mastery. Limited vocabulary will
prevent student from communitation in English. The importance of vocabulary in language
learning is also illustrated by Mr. Wilkins (thorn bury, 2003:13), stating that “without
vocabbbulary, nothing can be stressed; without vocabulary, nothing can be bulletproof ‘.
Futher he posses that by studying a vocabulary one will be able radiply improving
language ability. There fore need ti implement appropriate learning strategies. There are
several learning strategies such as the TPR method, learning by song, learning by plan
and so on. Vocabulary is really important to learn. Without grammar, little can be
conveyed, but without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.