Implementation of the 2013 Curriculum at the Elementary School Level

  • Tamara Bishofa'il Aisy
  • Imaya Syifaul Khayati
  • Alvina Marissa Zesa S


Implementation of the 2013 curriculum is a challenge for the world of education.
The 2013 curriculum is very different from the previous curriculum. The approach taken
in learning the 2013 curriculum is to use a scientific approach where students are the
center of learning. There are three assessment aspects of the 2013 curriculum, namely
cognitive aspects (knowledge, psychomotor and attitudes. This research is a qualitative
descriptive study. Primary data sources were obtained from observations and interviews
with elementary school teachers. The results of the study were analyzed and explained
using words. The results showed that some elementary schools have implemented the
2013 curriculum in school learning. Although there are obstacles in its application, the
schools are trying their best to achieve the goals of the 2013 curriculum. The 2013
curriculum uses integrative thematic learning methods, scientific approaches, and also
authentic assessment.