The Effect Of Reality Group Counseling With The Wdep Technique In Increasing Adolesceny Social Responsibility

  • Linda Sulistiyowati
  • T Tawil
  • Nofi Nur Yuhenita


This study aims to examine the effect of group counseling techniques WDEP towards
increasing the social responsibility of youth in Sokorini Village, Muntilan, Magelang.
In this research is a type of research Pre-experiment by using design One Group Pretest
Posttest Design. The design uses one group of subjects with one type of treatment, namely
the experimental group. The population in this study were Sokorini teenagers, which
consisted of 15 teenagers. The number of samples in this study were 7 teenagers who had
a score ofpretest low and medium categories. Determination of sampling using analysis
purposive sampling, namely the determination based on the goals or characteristics that
have been determined. The analytical method in this study uses parametricPaired sample
The results of this study indicate that technical group counseling WDEP positive effect on
increasing adolescent social responsibility. This is evidenced by the test resultspaired
sample t-test with a significant 2-tiled 0.001<0,05. And based on the results of the
analysis and discussion, there is a difference in the average score of the adolescent social
responsibility questionnaire of 29.02% from the resultspretest and result posttest youth
social responsibility questionnaire.