Development of Waginem (Morning and Evening Time) Mathematics Teaching Aids for Time Materials

  • A Afriyani
  • Norma Dewi Shalikhah


This research is motivated by the lack of teaching aids for time material at school. The
purpose of this study was to develop Waginem (Morning and Evening Time) teaching aids
to make it easier for students to understand the time material in learning mathematics.
The type of research is development research (R&D) which consists of several stages,
namely finding potentials and problems, gathering information, product design, design
validation, design improvement, and product testing. The product trial subjects were
students of class II MI Muhammadiyah Paremono Magelang. The instrument used is a
questionnaire sheet to determine the validity and responses of students to teaching aids.
The results showed that Waginem's teaching aid was very valid with a score of 89.5% and
student responses scored 97.2% with very good criteria. So that the conclusion is that
Waginem's teaching aids are suitable for use in time material learning mathematics for
grade II elementary school students.