The application of think pair share cooperative learning strategies to improve English learning outcomes in elementary schools

  • Rizka Afni Amalia
  • Mela Rafika Yuliandari
  • Faustinina Kautsar


This study aims to describe the activities of teachers and students, mastery of students'
critical thinking skills, improve English learning outcomes through think pair share
cooperative learning strategies in elementary schools. The researcher found that the
thinking skills of students were very lacking, this could be seen from the number of
students who could not respond to every statement made by the teacher. This study uses
a quantitative descriptive method The object of research is the improvement of learning
outcomes which include learning outcomes of knowledge and skill competencies. To
measure the results of learning English, students used multiple choice learning outcomes
tests for knowledge learning outcomes and speaking skills tests to measure skills learning
outcomes given at the end of each cycle. It can be concluded that the use of learning
strategies that are in accordance with the type of TPS can further develop students'
thinking skills in English subjects in elementary schools.