VARK: Kajian Survei dalam Domain Kognitif Keilmuan dari Mahasiswa Sebuah Universitas Terbesar di Kota Surakarta

  • Hernawan Sulistyanto


This research is a quantitative study that examines the preferences of Visual, Auditory,
Read/Write, Kinesthetic (VARK) learning styles in the scientific cognitive domain. Three
groups of students with different scientific backgrounds were compared to obtain the latest
facts about differences in learning style preferences. Data was collected online based on
the VARK questionnaire version 7.1 of 270 students in three different study programs from
a public university in Surakarta City, Indonesia. The results show that the differences in
knowledge being studied by students in different study programs make a significant
contribution to the differences in learning style preferences of each student. However, the
difference is not much difference between students in the same study program, both male
and female. This difference in learning style preferences provides a sign for educators to
design innovative learning process models that are tailored to students' learning style