Penyesuaian Rencana Pembelajaran dan Penerapan Aturan Kelas Efektif Dalam Pengelolaan Kelas Daring

  • Masithoh Ekayani Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang


Education is necessary for the era's development. Knowledge and insight can get through
education. School is one way to get a good education. A good school creates conducive
learning conditions for students. Conducive learning constructs through effective teachers
as well. One indicator of an effective teacher is a teacher who has good classroom
management skills. Classroom management is one of the challenges for teachers,
especially in the current state of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Learning activities turned
into Distance Learning or online activities that were face-to-face learning. Strategies that
teachers could be done on online classes management are changing lesson plans and make
online classes procedures. The creativity of teachers to use models, methods, learning
media as well as give tasks and exercises in online classes is very important. The strict
application of online classroom rules encourages students to focus and participating in
online learning. Implementation of online learning following the planning and enforcement
of procedures can create effective online learning so that learning purposes could be