Peran Pelaksanaan Pengelolaan Kelas SD Negeri Bigaran

  • Eflina Gita Royani Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang
  • Sukma Wijayanto Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang


From the above problems, the purpose of this study is to assist teachers in good
classroom management, having comfortable classrooms, neat spatial arrangement and the
use of media in learning to achieve learning objectives. This research was conducted in
Bigaran State Elementary School. This study was designed using a qualitative research
type with the hope of improving the student learning process. The data analysis used is
inductive which is used as an understanding of the data obtained. The data that can be
collected are in the form of words, pictures, and numbers. The subjects of this study were
fourth grade students at SDN Bigaran and the object of the research was the application
of classroom management at SDN Bigaran. The research carried out was observing the
classroom, where the sitting position was arranged in such a way, the cleanliness of the
room, the decorations in the classroom. The teacher asks students to paste the student's
work, there are pictures of heroes, pictures of Indonesian culture, maps in such a way that
the classroom does not look boring to students. Based on the results of interviews with
classroom teachers, students found that some students were able to follow and adjust
conditions to the classroom environment. That way it will be easy for teachers in classroom
management settings so that it will support the realization of the learning objectives to be