Dampak Metode Pembelajaran Pada Siswa Kelas III Sdn 1 Ketitang: Minat Baca

  • Vindi Septianingrum


This This research aims to describe the impact of mindmapping learning methods on
students of grade III SDN 1 Ketitang, especially on reading interests. The study took place
using descriptive qualitative research and using methods of measuring interview and
observation data. The main subject of this study was the students of class III SDN 1
Ketitang consisting of 15 students and 1 teacher. To test the validity of the data in this
study used a credibility test of triangulation techniques and triangulation of sources. The
results showed that there were differences in the results of students' reading interest in
learning after the application of the mindmapping method. This is evident from the
activeness and participation of students in participating in learning activities using the
mindmapping method, which is when teachers allow students to explore and find out for
themselves the student's interest in which reading they like.