Pengaturan Kondisi Kelas Dan Iklim Belajar di IV SD Muhammadiyah Alternatif 2 Kota Magelang

  • Vidya Puspita Rani


This study aims to observe, observe how the implementation of classroom management in
SD Mutual 2 Magelang City. The research method used is a qualitative method with
observations and interviews in the school environment. The results of this study indicate
that the classroom management at SD Mutual is very good, with neatly arranged rooms
and decorations that make children enthusiastic about learning. The implementation in
managing classes in schools is by making the class full of student work, prioritizing student
activity during the teaching and learning process, using a skills approach in learning so
that students can master skills in managing the class, by rolling out student seating
arrangements who are already able mastering learning is moved to the back seat while
students who have not mastered learning are moved to sit in the front to focus more on the
material being conveyed, create learning media from student skills and students who work
together to achieve learning goals that create a classroom atmosphere and atmosphere
learning to be fun and conducive.