Improving Students' Learning Outcomes To Read And Write With Early Bird Media In English Learning At State 3 Ropoh Elementary School

  • Uud Aisyah


EARLY BIRD is a medium that is used in Elementary School (SD) Negeri 3 Ropoh to
teach English to students. This medium is used to teach and assess the reading skills of
elementary school children (SD) in Negeri 3 Ropoh in understanding English language
and the teachers' inventiveness. English instructors who are members of the English
Teacher Working Group (SD) Negeri 3 Ropoh have been introduced to this material.
Based on the Early Bird operating principle, this media can assist English teachers in
developing alternative learning media. Early Bird isn't just a learning tool; it's also a way
of life, However, it may motivate instructors to design alternative English learning
material as part of the English teaching and learning process at (SD) Negeri 3 Ropoh.