The Effect of Think Pair Share Model By Mask Media For Students Self Confidence

  • Ahmad Saifullah
  • Rasidi Rasidi
  • Aditia Eska Wardana


This study aims to determine the effect of think pair share model by mask media for
students self confidence on grade IV Students of Joho Primary School Temanggung
This research method is Pre-Experimental Design with One Group Pretest and Posttest
Design model. The subject were chosen by nonprobability saturation sampling. Sample
taken as many as 26 students. Method of Data completion is done by using self
confidence questionnaire and self confidence observation. Test the validity of
questionnaire self confidence instrument by using the formula product moment, and
reliability test using cronbach alpha formula by IBM SPSS for Windows version 26.00.
analysis prerequisite test consists of normality test. Then proceed with hypothesis
testing. Data analysis using non parametric statistic technique that is wilcoxon test by
IBM SPSS for Windows version 26.00. The number of items in this questionnaire consists
of 50 questions, while the observation instrument consists of 20 questions. The results of
the validation of the questionnaire items from 50 test subjects with a value of 0.444 with
a significant level of 5% obtained 27 valid questionnaire items, so that the valid
questionnaire items can be used as an instrument for collecting item data in the study.
While the results of expert validation in the observation instrument are feasible to use
with valid categories.
The result of the study show that the Wilcoxon Test analysis with a value of sig. (2-
tailed) of 0,000 < 0,05. Based on the results of the analysis and discussion, there is an
average post-test questionnaire score of 82.42 and an average pre-test questionnaire of
72.73. The calculation of the observation assessment in the post-test activity was 70.96
and the pre-test activity was 59.03. The result of the study show that the think pair
share model by mask media by mask media has an effect on students self confidence.