Application of The Game Simon Says for Elementary English learning

  • Nurmalia Dwi Pangesti
  • Zumiatul Farida
  • Fatika Aurellia Anissa Balqis


This study aims to find out how English learning can run well with a more effective
learningmodelin accordancewith 2013 curriculum learning.Previous learning only
refers to teachers who make learning seem boring and students are not interested
in learning, for that teachers are required to make ways to make learning easier.
learning is not monotonous and applies the 2013 curriculum with more modern,
effective, efficient, and fun learning. Students have different skills and their own
characteristics which of course affect learning in the classroom. In this study, it is
known that the selection of English learning methods using games can make it
easier for students to understand the material presented by the teacher. This
learning strategy with games is suitable for encouraging students compared to
using the lecture method in general which seems boring and makes students less
understanding of the material. Learning with games, teachers must provide clear
and concise instructions using demonstrations for students to understand the
instructions. Games can help students create a fun atmosphere, relax lessons,
motivate and improve students' writing skills. The selection of games here uses
Simon Says which can train students to communicate and be more active in
learning English inclass.