Utilization of Video in Indonesian Language Learning in Elementary Schools in Indonesia

  • Alviana Dwi Anggraeni
  • Andika Aji Setiawan
  • Umi Rachmawati


Learning Technology was born from the reality of education and the audio-visual
communication movement. Learning Technology was originally seen as equipment
technology, which was related to the use of equipment, media and means to achieve

educational goals or in other words teaching with audio-visual aids. One of the audiovisual-
based teaching materials is video. Indonesian Language and Literature subjects are

oriented towards the nature of learning Language and Literature which states that
learning Indonesian is learning to use a good and correct language.This research is
motivated by the problems that occur in learning Indonesian starting from the low level of
concentration of students, then the difficulty of students in speaking in Indonesian, the
difficulty of students in reading, and then the difficulty of students in writing. This study
aims to determine the effect of using video media on learning outcomes in Indonesian
language learning. The attention function of video media can attract attention and direct
students' concentration on video material and the affective function of video media is able
to arouse the emotions and attitudes of the audience. The results of using this video media
in learning are to improve students' abilities in developing students' abilities in using